Three Tradtional Hymns based on Psalm 23
Psalm 23
Green Pastures
The King of Love 
My Shepherd Is
My Shepherd Will
Supply My Need
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The Shepherd Trilogy

Psalm 23

I grew up in church and from an early age was able to recite Psalm 23 from the Holy Bible. While one of my favorites, the words eventually lapsed into casual familiarity as the years went by.
I entered into a law enforcement career early in my adulthood. I was witness to much pain, suffering, and the evidence of unrestricted darkness in the world. The words of Psalm 23 came to me many times during that period, and allowed me to remember that there is a Higher Power who watches over those who serve and believe in Him.
I became aware of the following three songs, all of which are based on Psalm 23. I call them the "Shepherd Trilogy", since all are based on the same general premise.

Green Pastures

The first song, 'Green Pastures', is a Southern spiritual that was passed on from generation to generation.

The King of Love My Shepherd Is

The second, 'The King of Love My Shepherd Is', is a hymn from England. It was popularized by Early American settlers.

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

The third song, 'My Shepherd Will Supply My Need', is a combination of the other two...a traditional hymn set to a traditional Early American melody.
These three songs came to me at different times of my adulthood. In each instance, my reaction was virtually the same: "Where has this song been all my life?". The answer to the question has, in turn, always been the same: "The song has always been here. It was waiting for you to find it."


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